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Kenyan celebs shouldn’t complain about public opinion after oversharing

Some celebrities in Kenya have a tendency to overshare their personal lives on social media. They have no clear boundaries on what to keep private and what to share with their fans in the name of being consistent, attempts to become relatable and strategies to amass more followers.

YouTuber Milly Chebby recently went on record saying she was guilty of oversharing on social media. In a day, her Instagram story covers her entire day right from getting up from bed to calling it a day at night.

Other celebs and influencers known to overshare their lives include Terrance Creative- Chebby’s husband, Kaby and Milly wa Jesus, Diana Marua and her husband, Bahati, Jackie Matubia, Akothee, Amber Ray, Amira and Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu among several others.

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The aforementioned have treated Kenyans to their various personal dramas that they bring online.

These dramas often involve love, relationships, jealousy and enmity. Kenyans from all walks of life know a thing or two about the aforementioned celebrities because they did not know how to filter what spilt online about their personal lives.

And get this, once Kenyans began having opinions on their lives in their online comment sections, some of these celebs had the audacity to tell them off and ask for privacy as they dealt with those issues.

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When all else failed, like Nyamu, she began insulting and shading her critics; garnering her more negative publicity on top of the drama she is ever causing in a particular marriage.

And so I repeat, Kenyan celebs who overshare their personal lives on social media must stop complaining about public opinion regarding their lives. They must take responsibility for their actions.

They invited the public into their lives with their engagements, baby showers, weddings, honeymoons and vacations and so they must be ready to receive they good and the bad comments alike. They chose to not have any boundaries and so they must not turn around, act surprised and try to set boundaries on what the public can say about them.

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While it may be admirable for celebrities to be transparent and honest with their fans, they need to understand that not everyone will react positively to everything they share.

If they choose to share deeply personal information, they need to accept that this may invite criticism or judgment from a diverse audience because social media is not a private platform.

While they may feel like they are sharing with friends or family, they are actually sharing with millions of people who may not have their best interests in mind.

Lastly, it is important for celebrities to find a balance between sharing their lives with the public and maintaining their privacy. Oversharing can blur this line, leading to negative consequences that can ultimately harm their public image and personal life.

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