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Kenyan creatives challenged to produce captivating content

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has urged content creators in the country to monetise their sites and build networks by producing captivating content.

Speaking on Friday, MCK Mombasa Regional Coordinator, Maureen Mudi, stressed the need for influencers to create a niche for themselves and learn from best practices.

“We encourage influencers to produce relevant content for their audiences, not just for clicks and likes, but content that can also propel them into becoming better and professional,” Mudi said, adding that there are many options available online for influencers to monetise their sites.

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Search for Common Grounds Media Officer, Dominick Mwambui, stressed the importance of training influencers as they churn content for the masses.

“Through this project on ‘Uchaguzi Bila Balaa’, we train groups and individuals on various steps they can take to improve their work. We empower them on how to respond to conflicts while also understanding the levels of conflicts they face within their spaces,” Mwambui said.

Ms Mudi said professionalism is crucial as it builds trust and gives assurance to the audiences that they are being fed with reliable and trusted information.

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“We have a programme tailored for media practitioners, especially those who work in the media industry and do not have background training in media. We equip them with basic knowledge and ethics on what ought to be done within their fields,” she said.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, social media has become a bigger part of people’s lives more than ever before.

Kenya’s digital content creator economy has also grown to the extent comedians have abandoned prime TV in favour of their own YouTube channels.

Kenyan musicians too no longer have to rely on radio and TV interviews to reach their desired audience. Through social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, content creators can easily reach their audiences and make money at their comfort zone.

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