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Kenyan drunkard arrested in US after blacking out while taking care of the elderly

By CHAD KITUNDU December 29th, 2017 1 min read

A Kenyan man, who got drunk while at work taking care of the elderly at a senior care facility, has been arrested by the authorities in Mesa, Arizona.

The authorities say 30-year-old George Mathenge was so intoxicated the he could easily have put others in danger.

Court documents show Mathenge was the only care provider working the night shift on Christmas Day.

Patients and some family members noticed that Mathenge got drunk and passed out while working, and called police.


Police say they noticed that he smelled of alcohol and had a slurred speech.

“When we arrived at the scene, the man smelled alcohol and was slurring words. Officers were only able to make out that he said he drunk vodka,” said one of the investigating officers.

The manager of the facility also said that Mathenge missed giving medications to some patients that night.

Mathenge was arrested that night, and is in custody facing vulnerable adult abuse charges.