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Kenyan EPL fans must wear face masks when watching matches in groups

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has yet again sent a strong warning to bar operators who continue to flout curfew rules aimed at slowing down the spread of Covid-19.

He spoke on Sunday at a press briefing in Nairobi on the day the country marked 100 days since the first coronavirus case was registered in the country.


He also urged English Premier League fans in the country to be wearing face masks whenever they are watching matches in groups.

“People are still operating bars and the government has said that should not happen. Don’t open these bars. Please. If we find you, you will be in big trouble. We will arrest you and permanently revoke your licence. You will have to think of something else you will use that building for,” warned Kagwe.

A spot-check by Nairobi News on Saturday established that several bars were illegally operating in Nairobi West and Langata suburbs, in Nairobi.

Kagwe also assured Kenyans that the country’s healthcare system is capable of handling the surging coronavirus cases. The number of positive cases in the country is edging closer to the 5000 mark.


Sunday marked 100 days since Kenya registered its first case of coronavirus and Kagwe took the opportunity to highlight the challenges and successes the country has faced since.

“I was barely two weeks in office when that lady arrived in the country from the USA and was tested positive,” recalls Kagwe.

“It has been a tough journey and an interesting learning experience. Our doctors are now experienced and understand the disease better. The counties are expanding capacity in hospitals. The disease is here with us for some time but we will defeat it if we follow the laid down procedures,” he said.

Kagwe has also thanked the media for educating the public on the virus.