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Why Kenyan family is hawking their last born bachelor son to female suitors

A Kenyan family has left social media users in stitches after hawking their last born bachelor son to potential female suitors.

The Mwaura family shared a poster of their handsome son Gift Mirie Mwaura after waiting for too long.

The poster states; “We the Mwaura Family willingly offer our beloved last born.”

It added; “To any willing female suitors ready and open to a long term relationship. We have waited for too long.”

Applicants should have the following qualifications; have been born with swag, know not more than 12 kikuyu words, love meat more than life itself, acquire American accents when speaking to Americans, perennially be unbothered when running late and spend one hour in the bathroom each day.


Nairobi News got in touch with Mr Gift Mwaura and he confirmed that the poster was a prank by his twin brother.

He explained that the prank was payback from his brother after he played the same joke on him by sharing a similar poster on a Whatsapp group they have in common.

“I did the same to him and shared a poster bearing his picture and same information at a ruracio whatsapp group. I did not think that he would think of doing the same to me on such a public platform like Facebook,” said Mr Mwaura, a manager at a digital agency.

He however acknowledges that the poster,  which went viral, has attracted numerous text messages and notifications on his social media platforms.

“My phone has been ringing off the hook, I am getting more than 300 notifications a day on Facebook by ladies who are interested,” say the 26 year-old.

He said he has engaged a few of the interested women on chats and was intrigued. He is considering taking the next step in meeting them in person to see how it goes.