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Kenyan family stuck in Dubai over Sh1.5m rent arrears

By Chad Kitundu February 26th, 2019 1 min read

A Kenyan family is appealing for help after their passports were confiscated by United Arabs Emirates (UAE) authorities over Sh1.5 million rent arrears.

The family wants the government to come to their aid for the release of their passports.

According to Mwaura Muteria, who spoke to People Daily on Monday, their attempts to plead for leniency from Dubai authorities have been fruitless.

The family from Murang’a County has been living in Dubai for 11 years.

Muteria said he lost his job in 2016 after his employer terminated his contract. He has since been unable to pay rent.

The landlord filed a criminal case against him while he was in Kenya and on his return to Dubai, he was arrested.

He claims to have received a job offer last month from an organization in Yemen and he is required to relocate to Yemen.

But with his passport being held, he is not able to travel. He is supposed to report to his new job this Friday.