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Kenyan film ‘Kiza’ to have its premiere in Nairobi

Gilbert Lukalia is back again with an amazing feature that tackles issues of land disputes, crime, unemployment, and betrayal and also explores the themes of family, love, and friendship.

Set to premiere in Nairobi on November 24 and in Mombasa on December 4, the star-studded film promises to be a gripping narrative of love, betrayal, and justice.

Lukalia, director of Mission to Rescue, and producer by Shiku Gathigi Mwangi alongside Mumbi Mirie Gituanja and Daudi Anguka, director of Mvera, who takes charge behind the camera, brings Nancy Wanjiku Karanja ‘Shix Kapienga’ as (Furaha) the lead role, supported by Robert Agengo as Onyi, Furaha’s university friend compelled into a life of crime for his ailing mother.

With a stellar cast and an exceptional crew, Kiza is set to redefine storytelling in the heart of Nairobi.

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Set in Nairobi, Kiza showcases the talent of Shix Kapienga (Nairobi Half Life, Country Queen) as Furaha, a young graduate from a coastal village who takes on powerful land cartels to protect her ancestral home. In the big city, Furaha navigates her own struggles while also fighting to save an old friend from a life of crime.

Agengo (40 Sticks) plays Onyi, Furaha’s old friend from university who’s forced into crime to take care of his ailing mother, with Manasseh K. Nyagah (Uradi), Dedan Juma (Pepeta), Gitura Kamau (Shimoni), Wambui Ngari (Sue na Jonnie), Mukami Njiru (Nairobi Half life) and Mweni Ludi also starring.

The story centers around Furaha, who is determined to fight land cartels and secure her ancestral land.

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She travels to Nairobi in search of other options and along the way, she reconnects with old friends among them, Onyi who has turned to crime.

The film is a labour of love, a story of friendship and dedication, and a celebration fostered by collaborative synergy between dedicated producers and visionary directors. This ensemble cast and crew have poured their hearts and souls into this project, and the result promises to be nothing short of extraordinary mirrors to the social issues we all face, making it a film everyone can relate to in one way or another.

The film is produced by Double Pearl Production which also brought you The Kalimani Dynasty.

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