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Kenyan flag captured in infamous moment of Uefa Champions League final

Kenyans on Twitter could not contain their excitement after the Kenyan flag was displayed during the UEFA Champion’s League final held in Kiev, Ukraine, over the weekend.

Real Madrid defeated Liverpool 3-1 in the final on Saturday night.

But what has made KOT burst with pride is the Kenyan flag that was visibly displayed in the stadium.

The photo however captures the infamous moment when Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos locked arms with Liverpool’s star striker Mohamed Salah before falling on top of the forward’s shoulder.

Salah left the pitch in tears holding his shoulder after just half an hour, with reports suggesting he suffered a sprain in his shoulder ligaments.

A petition has been launched on the platform, calling on FIFA and UEFA to punish Ramos for “intentionally hurting Mohamed Salah”.

This is what KOT had to say.

There were the doubting Thomases.

Others were comical