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Kenyan journalists fined Sh46k or three years behind bars in Tanzania

Two Kenyan journalists, who were arrested in Tanzania on Saturday while interviewing members of the public on the status of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, have been fined Sh46,000 or an alternative three-year jail term by a Tanzanian court.

The two, Clinton Isimbu and Kaleria Shadrack, cameraman and reporter respectively from Elimu TV, were on Tuesday charged with illegal entry into the country and working without the appropriate permit.

The Kenyan journalists were convicted after pleading guilty to charges of illegal entry into Tanzania.

In a statement, released on Monday by Arusha Police Commander Jonathan Shanna, the two were arrested for illegal entry into the country.

“Watuhumiwa hao waliingia nchini kwa kutumia njia za panya. Kwa sasa watuhumiwa wote wawili tumewakabidhi Idara ya Uhamiaji Mkoa Wa Arusha kwa hatua zaidi za kisheria,” he said in the statement.

Tanzanian District Commissioner for Longido District on Sunday confirmed the arrest of the two Kenyan journalists who were arrested in his district adding that they would be charged with trespass and floating immigration rules as they crossed the Namanga border illegally.

According to Tanzanian authorities, the two were found interviewing the natives of the district over the Covid-19 pandemic.