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Kenyan kids fall in love with creative advert which is ‘punishing’ many parents

A popular milk product advert dubbed “Mawowowoo” is forcing many parents to become flexible and dance along to the commercial, which is proving to be very popular with kids.

The advert, which features a father demonstrating to his two kids the kind of energy (Mawowowoo) the brand of milk gives. The climax of the advert is when the man climbs on top a dinning table to showcase his dance moves to his enthralled kids.

Apparently, in many households the Mawowowooadvert has become a favourite of many children who’ve been mimicking the dance moves to the extent of climbing seats and tables while urging their parents to join them.

One parent commented on Facebook, “When this advert comes inabidi nijipee shughuli kidogo coz my ninja will make me dance hadii iishe… its a good one and it’s worth watching and ? too.”

Another said, “My table has become a mawowowo zone.”

Another mother wrote, “Whoever came up with this “Mawowowo Advert” apewe trophy… If only he knew he would come up with “Mawowowo Nursery School””

Another commented, “My daughter joined school on Thur na Friday alikua amekataa kuenda ati hiyo shule sio ya mawowowo.”

“My daughter forces me to dance mawowowo??” a father lamented.

“The first advert my hubby loves…I love it when they dance to it with my son…Haha mawowowooo.. ?”

“My daughter anaipenda ile serious. Lazima aruke kwa kiti or table ndio aweze kudance…mawowowooo.”

“Hata Mimi hua anajipatanga tukifanya mawoowoowoo na watoii wangu aki hua napada kwa kiti.”

“I had to download it to be on the safe side….ikiisha anasema “mama rudisha tena mawowowo” kiliooo.”

“Thanks to it my son can now talk…Mawowowo was his first word to know even before Mum.”