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Kenyan man goes missing in Berlin, police worried

July 23rd, 2019 2 min read

A Kenyan family is fearing for the worst after their kin went missing 10 days ago in Berlin, Germany.

Edward Odhiambo went missing on Friday, July 12, when his phone was last reachable.

He was scheduled to meet up with friends in Berlin but did not show up. His friends assumed he had gone to visit his sister in Kiel, but when he didn’t get in touch, they decided to inform his sister.

Police in Berlin say Odhiambo was last seen on Saturday, July 13, at the main train station in Berlin. They shared CCTV footage with his sister.

Police suspect he might have been in danger after they were called in by a passerby who spotted Odhiambo bleeding at the train station.

His sister told Mkenya Ujerumani, a local blog about Kenyans in Germany, that Odhiambo refused assistance from the police and they let him go.

“None of his friends know where he is since that night, his roommate reported him missing because they all thought he was with me but nobody could find him on phone. It is unlike him to disappear without a word to anybody. This is not normal for him,” said his sister.

His case has been referred to the Federal Criminal Police (KriPo) after he was seen entering a club with a man well known to the police.

There is suspicion that Odhiambo could have been drugged by the man and could be in danger.

“As of this evening (Sunday) the case is being handled by the KriPo and we’re hoping for good news. The case has been escalated because the last man seen with him has had previous run-ins with the police and is on their watch list,” she added.

Police added that the club the two had gone to is known for selling drugs.

A week ago, another Kenyan family in Germany raised alert after their kin went missing for 12 days.

Thirty four-year-old Benson Wachira, a student at the University of Duisburg-Essen, disappeared on June 29 and efforts to trace him have been fruitless.