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Kenyan man narrates one-night stand with senior male government official

A Kenyan man by the name Tuitoek Samanayo has revealed how he came to learn that a man he had a one-night stand encounter with after days of talking was a senior government official in Kenya.

In the videos posted on TikTok, Mr Samanayo, a male who presents himself as a female in his speech, dress and mannerisms, narrates how he began talking to an unnamed man without knowing his identity before they agreed on a meet up.

According to Mr Samanayo, he did not have the man’s names or contact, which left many wondering how he had been communicating with the said government official, but in he claims, they ended up meeting in the upmarket suburbs of Karen.

Upon meeting, Samanayo said the man paid for his cab before he was invited into an awaiting Range Rover vehicle and asked to seat behind the driver. At first, they headed to the man’s matrimonial home where Samanayo was allegedly asked to stay in the car and not use his mobile phone before the official returned to the car and drove them to a second location within the same area but 10 minutes away.

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According to Samanayo, he was taken to a large house that was dusty and he immediately told his date that he wanted to change into something comfortable because he likes being sexy and as natural as possible after donning makeup to create the best first impression.

Samanayo went on to narrate that after he changed, he joined the official in an upstairs lounge area where they allegedly had a very boring conversation. And when the time for intimacy came, Samanayo claimed the official showed no interest in foreplay and took just two minutes to get the job done before they fell asleep.

Samanayo claimed he was told to wake up very early in the morning because his date needed to be in the gym. It was at this point in his narration that he revealed how he came to know the identity of his date one year later.

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“Now guys, it reached 5:30am. Before it even got to this time, I realized this guy was so uneasy in bed, he was fidgety, another second he would be on his phone but I assumed all this. At 5:30 he told me we need to go because he wanted to go to the gym and had other things to do. Now, as much as I was hesitant, I agreed to go with his flow and I got dressed. He then told me to hail a cab and I wondered why we weren’t using his Range Rover. Wasn’t he going to drop me? Of course I knew he wasn’t going to drop me, I don’t know why I’m even pretending,” Samanayo narrated.

“So I took my cab and many people are asking me how much I was given. Guys, I don’t want you to feel like I wasted myself but the reason I say these wababaz should pay for our time is because I left that place with nothing. Imagine! But ok, I went home just as the sun’s rays began appearing around 6am. It was not good.

“So, on Saturday, this last Saturday, you see on Google as you scroll before you start searching, there are these stories posted over there. I went through the stories until I saw a story explaining about former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government and so after clicking on it, because it had a very interesting headline, I was shocked because I realized this was the guy whose house I went to. I was so shocked,” he further narrated.

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