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Kenyan man’s ideal Sh23k wedding earns him online admiration

A Kenyan man’s wedding budget has kick started a discussion on the future of weddings with a focus on the ideal budget.

Ritchie Odak had responded to a query on how much it costs to have a wedding in Kenya as he listed his Sh23,500 budget.

Mr and Mrs Odak who are set to have a civil wedding at the registrar’s office plan to use taxi hailing company transport to and from the Sheria House venue of the wedding at a cost of Sh800, eat cake worth Sh3,000 and buy rings worth Sh10,000.

A fee of Sh9,700 has already been paid to have their civil wedding conducted in the office of the Registrar of Marriages.

Mr Odak’s breakdown elicited hundreds of reactions online with most users admiring the simplicity of his upcoming union.

“Wow nice unajifinance bila kusumbua watu pale wozzap,” Aisha Wanjiku commented.

“Love the simplicity. Congrats! Hii kama kuna committee I am in ?,” Martin Ndeto added.

“Yoooo! Congrats! That’s the same route I’m gonna take some time ?. Blessing to you three,” Victor Muthoka wrote.

“And this is how I’m marrying someone’s daughter this year or early next year,” Rosiante added.

“????. Good couple. You are going places. This rubbish of making everyone contribute to a wedding has to stop,” Jefferson Sankara stated.

“Simple and great wedding. Si lazima magari na chopper na watu weengi,” Alison James added.

“Exactly what I have done! Hakuna mchango wa mtu! Everything at my costs! ??,” Yule Boi Dave wrote.

“Best budget. I wish others including churches could consider this rather than their bloated budget to friends, families and even church members,” Daniel Ooko added.

“When I get married, I don’t wanna spend thousands to feed people I don’t speak to 365 days in a year, wanitumie congratulations kwa watsapp, the money I will use to go on a bomb ass honeymoon,” Eva Maanda stated.