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Kenyan men want women to emulate 69-year-old woman who wants young co-wife

A 69-year-old woman from Muranga has become a darling to Kenyan men for suggesting that she will allow her husband to marry a younger women for the sake of getting children.

Ms Nancy Waithera and her husband of 50 years, Mr Njaro Wairatu, were blessed with four children but unfortunately they have all passed on.

Their first born son George Wanjaro died in service at Gaichanjiru High School in Murang’a County where he was a mathematics teacher.

In 2004, the couple lost their second-born son, Peterson Njaro, and two months after Wanjaro died, their third-born brother Francis Thuo died.

Their misfortunes did not end there. On July 14, 2021, the ageing couple received news that their only remaining son, Edward Irungu, had gone missing. Three days later, his lifeless body was recovered from the Masinga dam in Embu County. Police said it was suicide, his parents insisted he was murdered.

All these happenings is what has compelled Ms Waithera to consider allowing her husband marry a younger wife to sire children for them since she is already advanced in age.

Kenyans online praised Ms Waithera calling her a rare woman.

“The Kenya we want, this one is a blessing,” Aredi Van Okush said.

“Good women still exist in this troubled world,” Eric Ochanji wrote.

“What a caring woman, proof enough that good women still exist,” Ndungu Izzo commented.

“That woman deserves a seat in parliament,” Vincent Kiprop said.

“I hope my future wife is seeing what other people’s wives are doing,” Kim Sey said.

“These are the kind of women we need in society for the sake of humankind,” Luvai Gil said.