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Kenyan mother appeals for help to find missing son in the USA

An ailing mother is appealing to anyone who might know the whereabouts of her son who was reported missing in the United States.

Margret Wanjiru Wanene who hails from Limuru, Kiambu County, made the appeal on Wairimu Kimani’s Facebook page, expressing her grief at not knowing whether her son is alive.

According to the mother, her son Joshua Mbira Wanene, 38, last communicated with his family members about two years ago, and efforts to trace him since then have been futile.

She said that her son started exhibiting mental health issues in 2003 before they relocated to the US with his family in 2012 and was put on medication by a doctor in Nairobi and his condition improved.

“In 2003, he started having hallucinations and was taken to a doctor in Nairobi who treated him and his mental condition stabilised,” the mother said.

In 2012, Wanene, his wife and their child relocated to the US via a green card and they settled in the state of Washington.

He continued taking medicine prescribed by a doctor in Nairobi and his mother would buy the drugs in Kenya and send them to her son in the US.

Life went on well in the US and Wanene and his wife were blessed with their second child, but things changed when he felt he had recovered and stopped taking the drugs.

His mother says Wanene’s condition worsened after he stopped taking medicine to an extent that he tried to commit suicide by swallowing poison.

He was then taken to a hospital for treatment, and when he was discharged, he decided to leave his wife and children to go and live with his sister in Tacoma, Washington.

Wanene lived with his sister for some time but they apparently disagreed on something and he took his luggage and left. That was the last time the family saw and heard from him as he appears to have changed his phone number.

“After the incident, he decided to move in with his sister who also lives in the US, but they also disagreed, after which Wanene packed his bags and disappeared,” she added.

His mother said her son was well when he traveled to Kenya in 2017 to attend his father’s burial, where he even read the eulogy.

Wanjiru, who is ailing and distressed, says her only wish is to find her son and has appealed to anyone who may be aware of his whereabouts to contact the family.

“I have been taking medication now as I am struggling with high blood pressure because I am perennially worried about his whereabouts,” she said.

He was last active on his Facebook page on April 30, 2018, when he updated his profile picture.

“I love you so much and pray for your well-being. I hope that wherever you are you’ll find it in your heart to reach out so that I can see you again. It will make me so happy,” she concluded.