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Kenyan motorists scrum to buy dash cams after one saved a driver from rogue officer – VIDEO

Kenyan motorists are scrumming to buy dash cams after an old video emerged showing a driver being saved from a rogue police officer by the camera. The video from last year has started going viral this week.

It shows a motorist driving below the recommended 50kph at the Mountain View estate along Waiyaki Way.

The video clearly shows a police officer at the operation spot flagging down another motorist to his left.

The driver with the dash cam keeps driving as no attempt was made to stop him.

Moments later, a lone police officer throws caution to the wind and stops in the middle of the busy highway. The driver obliges.


Later, a conversation ensues between the motorist and the officer who claims that he had failed to obey police orders to stop.

The driver immediately flips and informs the officer that no one had stopped him and he had video evidence.

Twende kortini,” the driver dares the officer. “Unaongea vibaya?” retorts the officer.

He is then told to proceed after the brief encounter that lasted barely a minute.

“Have a good day,” he responds as he embarks on the journey.

Many motorists who have watched the video have vowed to buy the dash cams to save themselves from unscrupulous officers.