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Kenyan music can’t even sustain my hobby – Amber Ray

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has boldly declared that Kenyan music simply cannot live up to her extravagant standards.

Speaking to Plug TV, she dismissed the idea of pursuing a career in music and even scoffed at the notion of music as a mere hobby. Amber Ray’s unapologetic remarks have sparked a fiery debate and set the internet alight.

Amber Ray’s revelation has shed some light on her true intentions behind a cryptic music-related post that set tongues wagging across social media. Just a week ago, Amber Ray had threatened to end the careers of a number of rappers in a hard-hitting statement after teasing an upcoming music video and hinting that she would be the new rapper in town.

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However, this never came to pass as it was simply a commercial for a brand she is working with. To the astonishment of fans and critics alike, she revealed that the post was nothing more than a playful tease for an upcoming project.

According to the socialite, the idea of pursuing a music career was just a fleeting thought that she quickly dismissed due to the financial constraints associated with the Kenyan music industry.

In her candid interview, Amber Ray pulled no punches as she outlined the harsh realities facing Kenyan musicians. “To be quite honest, Kenyan music does not pay,” she bluntly stated.

With an unflinching gaze, she explained that she had looked at the music industry through her discerning eyes and concluded that it simply couldn’t sustain her opulent lifestyle.

Her extravagant tastes and penchant for luxury make her expectations far higher than what the local music industry can offer.

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While some may see music as a form of self-expression or a pleasurable pastime, Amber Ray was quick to dismiss the notion as a colossal waste of time.

With unwavering conviction, she insists that her lifestyle genuinely reflects who she is, not a fabrication for public consumption.

Consequently, she remains resolute in her decision to bypass the world of music, explaining that it would fail to meet her financial requirements and rob her of precious time that could be spent indulging in her lavish pursuits.

“Mimi siwezani na muziki ya Kenya we unaona maisha mi naishi muziki ya Kenya haiwezi sustain hata hobby itaniwastia time. Muy lifestyle is real not fake. So hakuna vile muziki itasustain,” says Amber Ray.

The mother-of-two’s larger-than-life persona has earned her a prominent position in Kenya’s social scene.

From her flamboyant fashion choices to her opulent vacations, she has become an influential figure in the world of luxury and entertainment.

With her unapologetic attitude and undeniable charm, Amber Ray has captured the attention of a nation, leaving many to ponder the true cost of maintaining her remarkable lifestyle.

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