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Kenyan musicians protest take over of airwaves by Nigerians

August 10th, 2015 1 min read

The Kenya Musician Movement (KENAM) protested the lack of airplay and bias towards South and West African music as they demanded for 70 per cent Kenyan music airplay in all platforms.

Although there is a directive by the government to all Kenyan TV station to screen 60 per cent of the local content, this is yet to be realized.

Mitch Wyclif, a publicist for beat ya Keggah production label, said they are angry at how local media predominantly play music from other countries.

“We are demanding for 70pc airplay from our local media as we see only Tanzania and Nigeria music being aired,” said Mitch.

Mitch cited corruption in the local media, claiming local musicians have to pay media producers and DJs before their music can be played.

“The media has turned to be the most corrupt platform. One has to bribe producers of shows and DJs in order to get airplay in their station,” said Mitch.

He claimed international artistes mint a lot of money from Kenya by their songs being given airplay and holding concerts at the expense of  songs from local artistes.

“Here in Kenya, we are lucky even to get 10pc airtime on our local music. Nigerian music is played back to back on our free to air stations that reach the masses. Our local acts can barely earn a living,”said Mitch.

He added that it’s only in Kenya you go to a club and you will barely hear a Kenyan song play.