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Kenyan national anthem cover angers Facebookers

A cover of the national anthem done by a Kenyan artiste of Asian decent has rubbed some Kenyans the wrong way.

The cover that was produced by Mani Kollengode of Mani Productions had been shared by hundreds of users who follow the production’s page and was complemented.

It eventually found its way to the popular Kenya Rising page that enjoys a following of over 50,000 users.

On the Kenya Rising page, the cover elicited negative reactions despite being shared over 1,000 times.

Some of the users disliked how the artiste appears to comfortably express himself in the cover as opposed to singing it while standing at attention.

The cover comes barely a month after the world fell in love with the Kenyan anthem that was played during the Rio 2016 Olympics Games closing ceremony dubbing it the best anthem ever.