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Kenyan Olympic star Lilian Kasait handed 10-month ban for doping

By Kevin Cheruiyot September 22nd, 2022 2 min read

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has handed a 10-month doping ban to Kenyan Olympic athlete Lilian Kasait Rengeruk after her submitted samples indicated that she had used a prohibited substance.

The Athletics Integrity Unit said in its statement that the 25-year-old Kasait who finished 12th in the 5,000 metres final at last year’s Olympics in Tokyo used the hormone therapy drug Letrozole.

The athlete provided her sample out-of-competition on January 20, 2022, during a Doping Control conducted on behalf of the Athletics Integrity Unit (“AIU”) of World Athletics, which resulted in an Adverse Analytical Finding for Letrozole2 (“the AAF”) which is a specified substance, prohibited at all times.

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 Kenya's Lilian Kasait Rengeruk (right) helps up Hellen Obiri after the women's 5000m final during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
TOKYO, JAPAN – AUGUST 02: Kenya’s Lilian Kasait Rengeruk (right) helps up Hellen Obiri after the women’s 5000m final during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo on August 2, 2021.
Photo | Joan Pereruan | Japan

AIU said that the athlete acknowledged that she committed the offence under the Anti Doping Rules Violations (ADRV).

“Taking into consideration how promptly the athlete admitted the ADRVs upon notification in the specific circumstances of this case, the parties agree that the period of ineligibility shall be backdated so the athlete will serve one-half of the ten (10) month period i.e., five (5) months, from the date of the Case Resolution Agreement (i.e., 19 September 2022) according to the rule 10.8.2 ADR.

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Therefore, the period of ineligibility shall commence on 19 April 2022 and be in effect until, and including, 18 February 2023,” part of AIU statement dated September 21st reads.

On February 23, Kasait responded to the notice from the AIU with an explanation for the AAF and supporting evidence and requested to enter into a Case Resolution Agreement to resolve the matter pursuant to Rule 10.8.2 ADR.

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