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Kenyan online community share worst wedding moments

For the bride and groom, it is a dream come true when they finally get to celebrate their love for each other in front of friends and family.

Being a day that they will only get to celebrate once most couples usually go all out when it comes to preparations for the day.

From the church where the couple gets to exchange vows to the reception where the invited guest can dance and cheer to the newlywed.

But it seems there are some moments that Kenyans online feel are unnecessary in a wedding.

This after one netizen asked the question, “Which is the most unnecessary part of weddings in Kenya?”

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And this is what Kenyans on Twitter had this to say:

“The wamama forcefully dancing with you at the reception entrance kidogo an aunty you dont know grabs your hand lifting it simkae chini niingie tukule keki muende,” @Akitsa said.

“The part where the bride and groom have to leave us and go somewhere else for photo session…….why not just do after the ceremony?” asked @Only1Calvin.

“Explaining the relationship between cake ingredients and marriage,” @TheCH4nc3llor wrote.

“Praying for the cake,” @PreetieJules said.

“Hiyo sarakasi ya cake cutting,” @MelaineMrari said.

“Matron…..sijui mayai katika keki yanaashiria umoja….sijui unga ni ungana na Mzee wako,” @lillywanjala said.

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“Mlishe tuone vile utakua unamlisha chakula nyumbani,” @missmrari said.

“The speeches,” @KarimiWesonga remarked.

“The wedding is very unnecessary. The story should end with the various forms of traditional marriage and a visit to the AG,” @Abraham said.

“You may kiss the bride, alafu jamaa inaanza kuitisha vaseline ndio lips ziteleze. Bure sana. Have you kissed after waking up?” @ngugiwainainas said.

“That part where the groom removes the veil. What’s the essence yet he’s already seen her plenty of times?” @williammutama said.

“The church part, those wedding services last longer than the marriage,” @that_bloke_kiri said.

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