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Kenyan shamed in Tanzania for stealing a handbag in mall

A video of a woman being shamed for theft with a placard reading that she is Kenyan has gone viral.

The video shows a woman holding a placard written on: “Mimi ni mwizi kutoka Kenya” doing a walk of shame outside Mlimani City Mall in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The mall is visible in the video’s background as the woman is told by her shamers to walk while saying she is a thief.

The middle-aged woman spotting short hair clad in a skirt suit and a shawl on her shoulder walks across the road as passersby watch.

The first user who posted the video on Facebook said he was informed by a resident that the woman had been stealing handbags from an exhibitor at the mall until a trap was laid for her.

The informer told Jalunda Jaluth: “Ameiba pochi ya exhibitor Conference centre mlimani city Aliiba nyingine wiki iliyopita. Leo kawekewa mtego kakamatwa kama kuku.”

The user went on to state that after the walk of shame the woman was undressed and paraded for passersby to see her.

This is not the first time a Kenyan is being paraded in a foreign country for theft.

Late last year, photos of a Kenyan woman who had strapped stolen meat around her body while in South Africa went viral.