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Kenyan singer illegally keeping son in Nairobi, says London court

A Kenyan singer is illegally keeping his child in Nairobi and has refused to return the minor to his British mother in the United Kingdom, a London court ruled on Thursday.

For the first time since the case started, the court allowed journalists to publish the name of Mr Shiv Singh Benawra, 29, who is said to be living with the son in Nairobi.

The court argued this will compel the father, considered a public figure, to return the boy to the mother.

Mr Benawra who doubles up as an actor has been engaged in a court case with Ms Charlotte Morris since they separated in 2015.


On Friday, Mr Benawra promised Nairobi News a response but failed to do so by publishing time.

“You want me to comment on personal issues? Let me call back in a few,” he said before hanging up.

Justice Lieven described Mr Benawra as a public figure, a singer, actor and model who had just failed to comply with High Court orders.

Mr Benawra took the child after he agreed with the mother in April 2016 and was supposed to have taken him back to the UK by June 2016, which has never happened.

The court said the son’s continued stay in Nairobi is a breach of orders.


Ms Morris had told the court that public criticism would push the man to comply with the court orders and ensure  the baby is taken back to her.

The Judge said that publicizing the matter would see the boy finally get re-united with the mother.

‘The father has not complied with High Court orders and has not returned the child to the UK,’ said the judge in a statement.

The statement added: ‘The mother believes that if publicity restrictions are lifted, the father is likely to return the child to the UK because he is a public figure who would not want to jeopardise his status and career through the inevitable public criticism and the disapproval of followers, fans and colleagues.’