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Kenyan student on TikTok reveals confusing wonders of living in the USA

By Winnie Mabel January 30th, 2023 3 min read

The United States of America is often touted as a country where foreigners can go and try their hand at making fortunes. Internationally, America is hailed as a country with a strong economy, superior technology and working civil systems unlike those in second and third-world countries.

Therefore, it was no surprise that a Kenyan woman going by the moniker Ranji expressed her ongoing shock at adjusting to life in the USA despite living there for a few years.

“There are some things I don’t understand about the USA as a Kenyan. I have lived here for a few years so…there are some things I still don’t understand.

Number one, toilet gaps. Please, why are the gaps so big? When you close the door, there is a huge gap you can see somebody passing by; and when someone comes to knock the door, you find yourselves looking at each other.

And when you sit down on the loo, you can see the feet of the person in the next stall. What is going on? Until you can hear everything!

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Number two, the legal age. Why is the legal drinking age 21 but the legal driving age 16? Make it make sense. Like, which of the two is more dangerous? While on this same topic, number three is clubs.  Why are their clubs closed down at 2 am? I’ve not said I go to clubs but why do you close at 2 am? Do you want me to go there at 6pm? People begin getting ready to go clubbing at 10pm! As I heard,” began Ranji.

She also went on to list her bafflement with American taxes where sellers often sold goods without including tax and required buyers to top up the money at the point of sale unlike in Kenya where the prices already include the tax and someone knows how much to leave the house with.

On the same financial matters, she was also baffled by the credit score in America, where one was required to have a high credit score to enable one to buy a car. “If I have money , why can’t I buy the car? Even buying a house…buying it or renting needs a high credit score,” added Ranji.

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Number six is dates.  Dates are supposed to have the format of day, month and then year. Why does America’s format begin with month, day then year? Why do these people want to be different so bad? As we move on to number seven, it’s their metric system. I asked someone how far is it? ‘Two miles’…what are miles? Why don’t you just use kilometers? And then I ask them what the day’s temperature is…’70 degrees Fahrenheit’ They use inches instead of centimeters,” added Ranji.

She also listed the American driving license as a baffling phenomenon because each of the 50 states in America had different driving licenses as opposed to having a unified one for the United States of America like in Kenya.

“And finally, I’ve never understood why when I finish eating food in a restaurant, the waiter comes, takes my bank card and goes somewhere else to swipe it for payment and then comes back. Please, waiter, I am Kikuyu. You will give me a panic attack and make me faint,” laughed Ranji as she concluded.


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