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Kenyan tabloid ‘names’ gays and lesbians in homophobic front page

A local tabloid has kicked off a debate on social media after sensationally publishing several Kenyans in its purported list of gays and lesbians.

Among them are a top political columnist, a renowned radio presenter, a corruption whistle blower and the self-proclaimed “gay mom”.

The list of names, which was published in the gutter press’ latest issue, comes in the wake of heated debate about the High Court ruling forcing the State to register a gays and lesbians rights group.

The Kenyan tabloid, a weekly newspaper, attempts to follow in the footsteps of its contemporary in Uganda, Red Pepper, which ignited an almighty fuss after publishing pictures and names of gays and lesbians in the neighbouring country.

Although homosexuality is still considered a taboo by most Kenyans, the purported publishing of the names, however, failed in creating a similar frenzy as in Uganda perhaps owing to the fact that Kenyan society is more liberal compared to any other country in the region.

Kenyans have taken pictures of the tabloid’s front page and shared it on social media with some slamming it as homophobic.


Gays and lesbians in Kenya had earlier been allowed to register an umbrella organisation to fight for and defend their human rights by the High Court.

The court ordered the Attorney-General and the National Council of NGOs to register a gays and lesbians’ organisation, arguing that the Constitution protects the rights of minorities such as homosexuals.

However, the decision has been received with a lot of opposition from religious and a section of the political groups.

Self-confessed “gay mom” Binyavanga Wainaina last week criticized Deputy President William Ruto’s remarks that Kenya would not allow homosexuality.

The DP had earlier said that the government would side with the religious leaders in their opposition to registration of gay and lesbian organisation in Kenya as was ordered by the High Court.