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Kenyan teacher Thoya Samson lauds FIFA Schools program

Thoya Samson, a primary school teacher based at an institution that caters for children with special needs in Kenya intends to use the FIFA school program to empower his pupils with football related skills.

Mr Thoya who is one of the beneficiaries of the FIFA program, which was recently launched in Kenya says the program will help him in helping the students play football as both a pass time activity and for professional gain while they pursue their studies.

“Our students have special needs since they are mentally handicapped and it is a challenge for us as their teachers to motivate them to attend school,” he explained.

“We need to have a motivating factor which will make them feel happy to flock to school where they will get an education, regardless of their incapacitation. This football training program is a good pathway for the children to come to school with the knowledge that they will have an opportunity to be taught good football.”

The F4S mobile App recently launched in the country is meant to be used by educators to manage training sessions with their students. The app allows for the educators to refresh on their knowledge and give the students quality football education.

“Through our instructors here, I have learnt many skills and with the Football For Schools mobile App, which has been introduced in Kenya, I will now be able to handle my pupils better and by teaching them football skills, I will be able to cultivate a football culture in them which can only be achieved at school so I will have my pupils coming to school everyday,” he continued.

FIFA program, was launched in Kenya on July 28, 2023, in Kakamega County, a talent rich region.

It seeks to empower teachers with skills to train youngsters into professional footballers.

The Football For Schools Program ended on July 30, 2023.

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