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Kenyan teen honoured in US for saving granny from death

A Kenyan-American teenager was recently honoured by US firefighters for his heroism in saving his grandmother from a near-death experience.

Roy Ngunjiri, a student at a local school in Everett, Washington, was surprised by the local fire department, which presented him with a Life Saving Recognition Award.

Officials praised the boy’s actions and recounted how Ngunjiri’s quick thinking prevented what could have been a deadly incident.

According to local news station KIRO7, Ngunjiri called 911 when he realised he could not help his grandmother, who was in a life-threatening situation.

“When he realised he couldn’t help his grandmother, he called 911. While waiting for the firefighters to arrive, he called his mother to alert her. He then tied up the dog to make sure it wouldn’t interfere with the paramedics.

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“Roy cleared the way for the paramedics to enter. While they helped his grandmother, he packed a rucksack for her with all the things she would need for the hospital. I hadn’t even thought about it, and this is what I do for a living,” local media quoted Everett firefighter Bronson Pearce as saying.

His heroism was further highlighted when he agreed to accompany authorities to the hospital to help with translation.

The country’s Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Kimani Ngunjiri, took to social media to congratulate the boy on his remarkable act of bravery for “saving his grandmother from an asthma attack that would have left her in a life-threatening condition.”

He tweeted, “Roy Ngunjiri, we are proud of you and your future is bright. Jane Ngunjiri (Roy’s mother) bless you and your family.”

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