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Kenyan Tiktoker working in the Gulf defends why they will not leave

By Wangu Kanuri September 8th, 2022 2 min read

A Tiktoker based in the Gulf has defended why they will not leave Saudi Arabia.

In a video, the Tiktoker said Saudi Arabia is where they are securing their source of livelihood from.

Saying they do not want to be returned to Kenya, the Tiktoker said, “We’d want Kenyan government to have a sit down with the Saudi Arabian government and talk about all the ills some of the Kenyan labourers have been undergoing.”

Disputing the ongoing debate of issuing a ban on the exportation of Kenyan ladies to Saudi Arabia for work, the Tiktoker posed, “If all these Kenyans in Saudi Arabia come back will you feed us? How many Kenyans are we seeing suffering? Have you helped them before wanting to help us in Saudi Arabia?”

Adding that deporting all Kenyan nationals in Saudi Arabia back to the country is counterproductive, the Tiktoker noted that so many young people are currently unemployed in Kenya but having the two governments talk will help curb the Saudi Arabian menace.

“For instance, there should be laws taken to a Saudi Arabian whose worker a Kenyan dies in their house. The latter should be held accountable and give substantial reasons as to what led to her death,” she explained.

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Check out her sentiments below:


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The Tiktoker’s sentiments were agreed upon by her fellow labourers in the Kingdom who vouched for not banning people from looking for jobs in Saudi Arabia.

The uproar comes at a time when Diana Chepkemoi, a 24-year-old Kenyan citizen was jetted back to the country after being tortured while in Saudi Arabia.

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When photos of her before and after emerged online, an audio recording of her boss also surfaced online, Chepkemoi’s plight got the attention of all Kenyans prompting a response from the embassy.

However, Saudi Arabia’s Embassy to Kenya refuted claims of abuse saying Chepkemoi had a normal health condition.

Additionally, the Principal Secretary of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Macharia Kamau thanked the Saudi Arabian government for offering Kenyans employment opportunities saying that over 200,000 Kenyans enjoy gainful employment.

On September 7, 2022, Haki Africa called on the incoming government to crack down on the Kenyan embassy in Saudi Arabia saying that they are not doing their work of protecting Kenyans as they should.

Hussein Khalid, the Executive Director of Haki Africa, has also called on the government to cut its ties with the Saudi Arabia government to end modern-day slavery.

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