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Kenyan tipped to become South Australia’s senator

A Kenyan-born woman is likely to be South Australia’s new senator.

This is after Senator Bob Day’s election was declared invalid by a High Court that ordered a recount of the votes.

The recount of South Australia votes is likely to place Lucy Gichuhi in the Senate as she was second in the Family First Party’s election.

Mrs Gichuhi moved to Australia in 1999 with her husband and three children.

Asked if she is a dual citizen she told ABC: “I was once a Kenyan, now I’m an Australian. I didn’t give up [being Kenyan], look I can’t go into those details.”

She added that she would bring diversity to Parliament if the recount result was in her favour.

“I’m up for the challenge,” she said, adding, “Of course after the election I just went on with my life and I didn’t expect that Bob would go through that challenging time he went through. So when all this stuff with Bob resigning happened that was a bit of a shock.”

In her campaign video, Mrs Gichuhi narrated her struggle for education at Hiriga village, Nyeri County, crediting her father and uncle for encouraging her to pursue the best in life.