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Kenyan tycoon Jackson Kibor hacks clamp over Sh100 parking fee – VIDEO

Prominent Uasin Gishu farmer and former Kanu politician Jackson Kibor was on Tuesday caught on camera blatantly hacking a clamp on his vehicle in Eldoret town.

His Toyota V8, worth millions, was clamped for failure to pay a paltry Sh100 parking fee.

A video that has been making rounds on social media shows the aging business tycoon hacking at the clamp with a hacksaw as a shocked crowd gathers and watches.

When he was unable to cut off the clamp, one of the youths surrounding his vehicles offers to help him as the rest cheer him.

When the job was done, the elderly politician  – who was accompanied by a young lady –  simply got in his expensive guzzler and drove off without any care.

Mr. Kibor is currently embroiled in a land dispute with his immediate family which saw him move to court in May 2016, to bar the transfer of 1,250 acres to his sons, 20 years after sub-division of the parcel.

He has accused 20 parties, including his six sons, of fraudulently sub-dividing and processing titles for his land (LR No. 8300 and 8301) measuring 1,547 acres.

Mr. Kibor says that he is still the owner of the entire parcel which he alleges was illegally sub-divided and registered at Uasin Gishu County Land Registry as SOY/KAPSANG Block 10 (Samitoi) 1-20.

According to the politician, the defendants illegally and fraudulently acquired his land and unprocedurally consolidated the two parcels before sub-dividing them and obtaining invalid titles.

He once supported Cord leader Raila Odinga but has lately been warming up to Deputy President William Ruto.