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Kenyan violinist’s shade at Nyashinski goes viral online

A Kenyan violinist’s post on how she would rather vote Wizkid than Nyashinski in MTVEMA has gone viral online.

Wanjiru Chenyiza Maina’s post has provoked the wrath of Kenyans who accused her of not being patriotic.

Kenyans online have been gunning for everyone to vote Nyashinski for the MTVEMA Best African Act Award.

Many artistes, including Sauti Sol, have urged their fans to vote for Nyashinki so that the award can come to Kenya.

But in her post, Wanjiru had her preference for Nigeria’s WizKid and South Africa’s Nasty C who are up against Nyashinski for the award.

Her explanation being: “Good content will always stand out for me… not to say that Shinski does not have it but he just doesn’t tickle my fancy like that and I think it’s okay because those aren’t the sentiments across the board… there are those who will vote because they really enjoy his music over Nasty C and Wizzy’s. So different strokes for different folks. Same way we have so many local artists who have albums but so many of us don’t buy them… but we quickly rush to ITunes to get Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. It purely (sic) because she is fire and you are so sure that you will enjoy that album without a doubt in your mind. And if I am to ever produce music… it would better be good AF la sivyo, I should bother anyone to vote for me.Simple”

One user who shared her post wrote, “Nationality first this z how Nigerians and Tanzanians do that y they successful now days.”

“With or without her vote Nyanshiski will win????,” wrote another.

Yet another user commented, “This is sad… The fact that he already got the nominations means he’s good enough… You not being honest suggesting he is trash… I bet there’s not a drop of patriotism in you fellas.”