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Kenyan woman arrested in India with cocaine worth Sh72 million

A Kenyan woman travelling from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) was on the night of Thursday, September 29, 2022, nabbed at the Mumbai Airport carrying cocaine worth Sh72 million.

The female passenger from Kenya who had arrived at Mumbai Airport was apprehended by officials at the airport and immediately detained.

Hawk-eyed custom officials nabbed the cocaine which was well-sealed in the shoes she was wearing after they decided to conduct a thorough search on her.

The customs officials said that they had received intelligence reports from their Kenyan counterparts which led to the arrest.

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A total of 490 grams of cocaine was recovered before she was arrested and sent to judicial custody.

On August 22, 2022, police in Poland arrested an 81-year-old woman who had travelled from Kenya after she was found in possession of five kilograms of heroin which has a street value of Sh61 million.

International media reported that the woman was nabbed at the Frederic Chopin Airport in Poland after officers noticed that she was behaving unusually and looked uneasy.

Photos seen by Nairobi News captured how the drugs had been hidden on the bottom side of a pouch that she was travelling with.

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Police in Poland did not immediately release her name and they said that she had left Malawi and Kenya and was destined for Canada after passing through Doha and Warsaw Airports.

Back in India, the incident is not the first to ever take place there and a Kenyan is linked. In December 2021, a Kenyan woman was nabbed carrying a smuggled 4 kilograms of gold.

According to reports, the detained women had also concealed the gold in their undergarments, spice bottles and footwear.

Kenya has strict and punitive laws provided under the Drugs Narcotics and Psychotropic substance that were enacted in 1961 to control the possession and trafficking of Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic substances.

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