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Kenyan woman rescued from Somali pirates

By ZADOCK ANGIRA October 30th, 2016 1 min read

A Kenyan woman who was captured by Somali pirates together with his colleagues while delivering medicine to Somalia has been rescued, reports indicate.

Ms Lois Njoki Weru was seized in November 2014, along with his partner Mr James Gachamba Kuria, while delivering medicine in Somalia.

Mr Kuria was however freed as a result of a raid by Somali security forces last February on a village where the two Kenyans were being held.

One of the Somalia’s leading independent radio, Radio Dalsan, also reported that the Galmudug regional state security agencies rescued the woman from the pirates.

On October 17, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a report that pirate gangs in Somalia were believed to be holding five Kenyans for ransom.


The brief reference to the Kenyan captives is included in an 18-page update on Somali piracy presented to the UN Security Council.

He however did not name the Kenyan hostages but added that another Kenyan was the only Somali pirate hostage to have been freed so far in 2016.

The woman was part of the three Kenyans held by the pirates. The two have been identified as Mr George Macharia Mburu and George Macharia Njoki, and were working for a construction company in Mogadishu when they were kidnapped by militia from Habargidir, who are demanding ransom from the family to set them free.

On Saturday, Somali pirates released 26 crew members of an Omani-flagged fishing vessel FV NAHAN 3, which was hijacked south of the Seychelles in March 2012, following negotiations.