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Kenyan woman who died in Austria after being run over by train to be cremated

A Kenyan residing in Vienna, Austria who allegedly committed suicide by jumping in front of a train minutes after calling local police officers will be cremated, the family has said.

According to a police report Lucy Atieno Hareter was run over by a train after she allegedly threw herself on the railway line at the Bahnhof Atzgersdorf train station in Vienna on July 5.


The police said that the deceased person called the police to inform them that she was about to take her own life.

“Her body is at the Wien Bestatting Funeral home and Crematorium in Vienna and this is where she will be cremated,” an officer in Vienna said.

Atieno’s brother, James Auka, said Vienna police and a friend informed the family that she wanted to take her life after her business went under.

“In her calls to the police and her friend, she said life had become difficult after her business went down and that she was no longer able to carter for her needs and those of her siblings who kept on requesting her for money back home,” he said.

Auka said the family has agreed to have Atieno’s body cremated in Vienna and the ashes transported to Kenya for burial at their home in Seme, Kisumu County.

In 2019, concerns were raised over recurrent cases of Kenyan students abroad dying through suicide or under mysterious circumstances.


This left communities of Kenyans living in the United States (US) brainstorming on the need to hold the hands of learners who find themselves in the deep end outside their country.

Among them was Martin Moto aka Berlin who went missing in November 2019 in Germany and a few days later, was found dead. His body was retrieved from an underground train station.

Britney, a 15-year-old girl, reportedly went missing and days later was found dead. The minor is said to have quarreled with her mother before she hurriedly left their home in Germany.

Rita Awuor’s body was found in June 2019 dumped in a forest in Germany. The family said she went missing in April 2019 after dropping off her children at a neighbour’s house.

Norah Borus was a top student in KCSE and was found dead at her on-campus residence in US in June 2019. Borus was a student at Stanford University.