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Kenyan woman’s nightmarish ordeal in Saudia Arabia

Yet another video has been released of a Kenyan woman in Saudi Arabia being assaulted by her employers.

This time, the worst form of assault is displayed in a one-minute video where the woman can be seen with a bare bottom.

She has her mouth, hands and feet tied and all you can hear are wails as the employer puts on a lighter and burns her private parts.

Each time the lighter is brought near her body she writhes in pain and squeezes her bottom to keep the heat away from her private parts.

Another man who can be seen on the far end near her head slaps the woman as he communicates to the other men in the room in Arabic.

The men burst into laughter moments after another slaps the woman’s back while she keeps shaking.


The lighter is put on a couple of times and used on her bottom and by the end of the clip she has a visibly dark spot.

The harrowing video is not the first to be circulated from the Middle East as several other videos of African employees being assaulted have in the past been released.

In one incident, an Ethiopian worker was seen being thrown off a balcony in a Facebook video shared by a Kenyan worker who worked in the same neighbourhood.

Kenyans have severally shared their shocking mistreatment in the hands of Saudi Arabians and even at one time KTN aired a feature in September 2014 dubbed Modern Day Slavery that the Kenyan Embassy claimed surprised them.

The head of the Consulate then stated that the embassy had not received any complaints from Kenyans living there but vowed to investigate mistreatment of Kenyan workers.

The Saudi government has constantly refuted claims of mistreatment of Kenyans.

There has since not been any report on the findings after investigations and Kenyans living there continue highlighting cases of mistreatment.