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Kenyan women stranded in Saudi Arabia cry for help to return home – VIDEO

An undated video clip of a group of Kenyan women working in Saudi Arabia crying for help to return home has emerged online.

The 98-seconds clip shows a group of five women sitting on the floor in a room with their faces covered in veils.

One of the woman is heard saying that their colleague, who is lying on the floor, recently underwent surgery and she is bleeding but their employer had refused to take her to the hospital.

“As you see her here, she is bleeding and when she asks for permission to go to the hospital, she is abused,” one of the women narrates.

She also says that they have been locked in the room and denied food. She pleads with Kenyans and or anyone who comes across the video clip to come to their rescue, noting that they have been assaulted, abused and mistreated, in addition to having their salaries withheld.

She says that they left Kenya to look for work.


“We are begging you to please help us because we are suffering,” she says amid sobs.

The woman further says that the room they are locked in is an office which they went to seek for help but they were accused of being of unsound mind.

“We are normal but they claim that we are insane and that is why they have locked us here,” she says.

She keeps saying that it is not their fault they are in Saudi Arabia where they are being beaten and denied their salaries.


This is just the latest case of Kenyans living and working in Saudi Arabia crying out for help.

In the past there have been countless cases of sexual harassment, violence, torture and starvation of Kenyan women working in Saudi Arabia.

Many of them go to the Middle East to work but oftentimes they end up being exploited in domestic servitude, brothels, and massage parlors or in forced manual labour.

In 2018, a Kenyan woman living and working in the Middle East sent a desperate distress call pleading to be rescued from her cruel employers.

In an undated one-minute video, which was also shared on social media, the visibly anguished and tearful woman desperately pleaded to be rescued from her employers-turned-tormentors in Saudi Arabia.

The Kenyan government has faced accusations of failing to adequately monitor overseas recruitment agencies while the Saudi Arabian government has a reputation of indifference to the plight of foreigners.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan government has continually warned its citizens against traveling to the Middle East using unscrupulous agents who are known for luring desperate women to seek menial jobs abroad.