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Kenyan women recount sad tales of sexual harassment in public spaces

February 12th, 2019 2 min read

A group of Kenyans on Twitter have left the online community in shock after revealing some of their worst experiences while in public spaces.

It all started when a tweep who goes by the name Mish Bosslady shared how she was harassed in a matatu.

In her post, she claimed that a man once unclasped her brassiere through her dress as they were waiting to alight from the vehicle.

“Ladies, what is the weirdest (downright offensive) thing has a man ever done to you in the matatu? Me, he unclasped my bra through my dress as we were waiting to alight,” tweeted Mish.

Mish confession gave others confidence to come out and share their experiences.

Miss Sheila said, “Lol I was in a bus going to coasto, I took a nap and was woken up by dude bro touching my thighs.”

Miss Sharleen wrote, “Spanked while alighting a matatu. I slapped the daylight out of him though.”

Julie Rubai said, “2 years ago a drunk man in a South C bound matatu insulted all the women on board including myself from Afya Centre to the Container stage. The conductor refused to throw him out, the driver refused to stop; all the men on board were silent.”


Namisoo commented, “On a long distance travel, I fell asleep and woke up to him holding his manhood there and then no shame yet I was in my uniform I called the conductor and requested to get a different seat. The trauma involved. God forgive him wherever he is.”

Tugen girl claimed, “In a bus one started masturbating while looking straight at me. He had kept trying to get me to talk to him then I noticed his breathing was funny. Wacha I look down?! It was a 46… I alighted at serena and I was going to I&M.”

Long Stroke remarked, “On a crowded lift a big bottomed lady kept rubbing it against my member, at first I thought it was coz of the small space but she deliberately touched me with her hand.”

Njoki Mukenyi said, “An old man (Looked like he was in his mid-70’s) spanked me as I was getting off the bus. This happened when I was in Form 3 going for my midterm break.”

Grace Mumbi said, “Back in the day when we’d be packed like potatoes, guy standing behind me got hard & on looking at him, he was like a Zombie-I think he came… Alighted & never looked back!”

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