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Kenyans: 2019 was a bad year

By Amina Wako December 31st, 2019 1 min read

Nearly half of Kenyans (48 percent) say 2019 was a bad year, according to a research poll released on Monday.

The survey by research firm Trends and Insights for Africa (Tifa) said only 17 per cent described it as a good year.

This according to the research is a significant change from the 43 per cent who said the year 2018 was bad in a similar study.

The interesting part was that 35 percent of Kenyans were undecided about their perception of 2019.

The report noted, “the proportion of those who are lukewarm increased from one percent to 35 percent between 2018 and 2019.”


Further, the survey added that 52 percent of Kenyans rate 2019 as worse than 2018 and only 30 percent feel that 2019 was a better year than the previous year.

The survey also notes that youth aged 18-24 years are more likely to achieve their goals as compared to the older people with those aged over 45 having the lowest achievement levels.

A regional analysis shows that Kenyans in the North Eastern, Western and Eastern have a higher likelihood of achieving annual goals.

The region with the lowest achievement levels is Coast followed by Rift Valley and then Central.

In terms of goals that were set at the beginning year, 32 percent wanted to start business but only 11 per cent of Kenyans achieved that.

Twenty percent of Kenyans desired to get new job but only three percent were successful.

For the 2020 resolutions, three out 10 Kenyans (33 percent) intend to set up a business. This is followed by getting a new job (17 percent) with 13 percent of Kenyans planning to own a house.

Eighteen percent of Kenyans still do not have new year resolutions.