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Kenyans and their peculiar behaviour

If you are Kenyan then you are probably guilty of this one peculiar habit that is all too common in most homes.

It involves slapping and biting; the casualty being the TV remote control.

This often happens when the TV remote control starts losing its charge making it unable to function properly.

When this happens, it first must undergo what Kenyans on Twitter call “the human test”.

This includes slapping the remote with your hands and even biting of the batteries if the slapping does not work.

Activist Scheaffer Okore prompted the conversation on Twitter, asking KOT to share their own experiences of what they did before admitting that they needed to buy new batteries for the remote.

“Anyway, on to a matter that requires African people intervention so… how long after you start slapping the TV remote do you accept to buy new batteries?” asked @scheafferoo.

Below are some of the responses from KOT.