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Kenyans and Zambians spar online ahead of Zarika’s bout

Kenyans online have gone to war with their Zambian counterparts ahead of a boxing match between  Kenya’s champion Fatuma Zarika and Zambia’s Catherine Phiri.

The online feud started after Zambian news website Mwebantu posted a picture of the two boxers and urged Zambians to pray for the victory of Phiri ahead of the fight tonight at KICC.

“Mwebantu, let’s pray for our girl Catherine as she takes on Fatuma of Kenya tomorrow night in Nairobi,” posted Mwebantu on Facebook.

Kenyans, who appear to be almost everywhere online, got wind of the post quikly launched an attack against the Zambians.

Below is a sample of the hilarious banter between Kenyans and Zambians.

Ngarrey Ngarrey said; “One wears fighting Armour, one wears sleeping pajamas. you know after you know. nabwinga needs chimbusa now. She is about to be cilangwad Mulilo.”


Tony Kipruto wrote; “I hope the beating Catherine will get shall not bring diplomatic issues between Kenya and Zambia…. we have appealed to Zarika to go easy on your girl but she threatened to beat us too…..we tried our best.”

Taj Osman commented; “Am a Kenyan and Zarika is beating even us men….. Let us all pray for Catherine.”

Sakala Shadreck replied; “Whoever taught Catherine “how to stay calm even in a life or death situation “did an excellent job.”

Cassel Mutune said; “Please Kenyans be kind to the Zambians you cannot go to a funeral and insult the bereaved!”

Kay Voh Roymund said; “Thunder are you busy???…I have a job for you …strike all these Zambians who are insulting our girl.”

Banda Charles commented; “May the man who shall be fighting with our girl Catherine phiri, feel organism in the second round.”

Charles Karimi wrote; “As a Kenyan I would advise you to set aside tomorrow and next week as a mourning period. My Condolences.”