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Kenyans are going completely red due to sour tomato prices

The price of tomatoes has gone up in the country leaving most Kenyans at the mercy of sellers or forced to seek alternatives to the loved fruit.

Many have turned to social media to express their frustration while lamenting over the exorbitant prices they are grappling with in the market to be able to use it in their favourite dishes.

Vendors in the local markets now sell one tomato for as high as Sh20 or Sh15 depending on the location and where the fruit has been sourced from.

In some selected supermarkets two tomatoes retail at Sh52, leaving many Kenyans to either dig deeper into their pockets to afford tomatoes or do away with it in their kitchen until things improve and the prices go back down.

The high tomatoes prices have been blamed on the low supply in the market ocassioned by the recent heavy rains witnessed across the country which does not offer a conducive environment for tomato growth.

Below is what a section of frustrated Kenyans had to say about the high prices: