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Kenyans await Uhuru’s June 6 speech with memes, funny videos

President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to outline new measures for fight Covid-19 on Saturday, June 6, 2020, and Kenyans are keeping themselves busy with witty predictions on what will happen.

President Kenyatta, during past media addresses, has hinted at the reopening of the economy and relaxation of the restrictions.

This information has been picked up by Kenyans on Twitter, and as expected, for the past few days, they have had a field day creating hilarious memes and videos some anticipating some“good” news and others “bad” news.

Videos and pictures have flooded various social media platforms showing how anxious Kenyans are just like high school students awaiting the closure of schools or visiting day.

In one video, the president begins his speech with his usual intro “Fellow Kenyans”.

Then a young man aping a news anchor interrupts him saying “Aaahh aaahh leo hatuko hapa juu ya siasa tafadhali, wewe tolea wananchi hii lockdown”. Then the president responds by saying “hatuwezi kuendelea Maisha na lockdown, hatuwezi kuendela maisha na curfew, na tukifungua”.

Another video is of the president on campaign trail asking citizens “mko tayari” repeating the phrase several times.

A rather disappointing video is that of the president arriving to make his address only to extend the curfew for a further 21 more days.

The scene is followed by pictures of sad football fans with a sad gospel song playing in the background.

Below are some of the comments by KOT: