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Kenyans find going tough after ban on plastic bags

By NAIRA HABIB August 28th, 2017 1 min read

Law-abiding Kenyans were forced to embrace alternatives overnight after the ban on use of plastic bags took effect on Monday morning.

Majority of Kenyans took to social media to exhibit how their lives had undergone a complete metamorphosis under the new dispensation.

Mama mbogas, miraa sellers and chips outlets were forced to use either paper bags or brown envelopes to package their merchandise.

Previously, the sellers used nylon carrier bags.

The most extreme perhaps was boiled eggs sellers peeling the commodity off an envelope.

A seller of sliced pineapples used serviettes to wrap his fruits.

Nema flagged off its officials on Monday morning to inspect whether manufactures and consumers have complied with the plastic bag ban, with offenders getting away with a warning -for now.

In future, law-breakers will be slapped with fines of up to Sh4 million.

This is what some cheeky Kenyans showcased on social media.