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Kenyans express frustration over Tanzanian singers’ collaboration promo

Kenyans have expressed their discontent with certain Tanzanian artists for their perceived lack of support and promotion after collaborating with Kenyan musicians.

Recently, rapper Darassa and Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami released a joint track titled ‘Siko Sure.’

However, shortly after Nadia shared the song with her fans, Darassa released his own song just hours after being featured in ‘Siko Sure.’

This move has left many fans disappointed, as they believe it diminishes the promotional efforts put into the collaboration.

Nadia Mukami’s ‘Siko Sure’ was produced by Sevens Creative Hub, and she recently shared the challenges she encountered during the music video shoot.

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She revealed that multiple accidents and unexpected setbacks occurred, and she initially dreaded shooting the video.

Nonetheless, she eventually fell in love with the song and expressed her gratitude to those who worked on the project.

“This song is special!! The experience before we had the final product was crazy!” said Nadia.

“Worst in my career! On the day of the first video shoot, we were involved in two accidents in different places simultaneously! How weird is that!! We had to cancel the video shoot because one of us was in ICU! He’s now recovering from home! I hated the idea of doing a video for this song because the bad omen was already too much!”

Kenyans took to social media to share their reactions, drawing parallels to similar incidents involving Tanzanian artists in the past.

Some believe that the artists from Tanzania deliberately release their songs shortly after collaborating with Kenyan musicians to overshadow their partners and seize the spotlight.

This practice has previously been noted in situations involving artists like Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, and Willy Paul.

In response to these concerns, some fans believe that the promotion of collaborative tracks should be a shared responsibility, as both parties benefit from the exposure.

It’s essential for artists, especially when collaborating with international counterparts, to support each other and maximize the potential of reaching broader audiences.