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Why Kenyans are faulting police rescue mission in flooded region – VIDEO

A noble gesture by police airwing to rescue stranded Kenyans following floods in Tana River has been faulted by Kenyans online.

This after the National Police Service uploaded a video of victims of the floods using a rope ladder to climb to the safety of a chopper.

The video, which the police said was filmed at Galana Kulalu in Tana Delta, showed young men ascending the ladder from rooftops in a flooded area.

One by one the men struggled to climb up the ladder which kept swaying from side to side with the trembling young men evidently anticipating to get to the chopper.

Rope ladder climbing is usually part of the training in the military and is used to achieve agility through quickness and footwork.

Kenyans online thanked the police airwing division but they also called for consideration in future to women, children, and the old who may not be able to climb up a rope ladder.