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Kenyans from Uganda cross over to vote

Kenyans living in Uganda who are registered as voters will be allowed to cross to Kenya and take part in the voting process that is taking place today. Busia County commissioner Ahmed Omar say they are working closely with their Ugandan counterparts to facilitate the movement.

“If there are Kenyans and they are eligible to vote, they have identification cards, they can come and vote and then go back to Uganda. We know that we have got Kenyans who are working and they have got business in Uganda, they are Kenyans they are allowed to come back home and vote. We have deployed enough security personnel along our border see this happen,” Omar said

The commissioner further warned those planning to cause chaos before during and after elections hoping to seek refuge in Uganda that they will not be allowed to do so. Mr Omar says that they are doing a joint patrol with Ugandan police to arrest anybody crossing to Uganda after causing chaos in Kenya.

“We are sharing a lot of intelligent information with our Ugandan colleagues, as well as doing a joint patrol with them day and night and we are going to do that even after the elections. I want to warn that whoever wants to cause problems that there will be no chances to do that,” he added

Mr Omar said they are working with Kenya Coast Guard to stop those planning to use Lake Victoria to access the country.

He said some 1500 security officers have been deployed along the borders from Lwakhakha to port Victoria in Lake Victoria and along the roads to deal with the situation.