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Kenyans online share experiences of funny ‘bedtime stories’

City mums have left the online community in stitches with funny memories of what translated to ‘bedtime stories’ while they were growing up.

The conversation was started by a netizen who shared her bedtime experience as a kid.

Most Kenyan mothers from the old generation are known for their zero tolerance to children who stay awake late with some even resorting to ‘threats’ to make their children go to sleep.

“Hi mum’s let’s make the night fun; who can remember her childhood bed night story from her mother? My bedtime stories were in three words, ‘Nikirudi nipate umelala’” she wrote.

This triggered a flurry of response from other online users who shared funny bedtime experiences while growing up.

“Zima hiyo taa ulale!” said one online user.

“Ukojoe kwa kitanda tuonane,” wrote another user.

“Kesho ni shule endelea kukaa tu,” wrote another.

“Nikikuja hapo utalala ukilia,” responded one online user.

“Nataka kuona hio macho ka imefungwa,” said another online user.

“Hio ni miguu inakaa jivu unapeleka kwa kitanda, nikifunga macho nikifungua ukuwe umeosha na kwenda kulala,” remarked another online user.

“Kwa kitanda… ama kofi,” wrote another online user.

““Ukikojoa kesho nitatafuta nyoka nikufunge kwa kiuno ukikojoa ikuume,” said another online user.

“Zima hio tv ulale staki tusumbuane asubuhi,” wrote another online user.

“Funga mdomo na macho,” stated one online user.