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Kenyans have a ‘strange love’ for me – Konshens

Jamaican Dancehall sensation Garfield Delano Spence, widely known as Konshens, opened up about his profound appreciation for East Africa on the X platform – formerly Twitter.

The artist expressed gratitude for the enduring and unconditional love he has received from the region throughout the years.

Konshens conveyed his sentiments, stating, “Why do I show so much love to East Africa? Because East Africa shows me unconditional love for so many years for FREE. Even when I stay away for years, even when I’m not dropping new music… it is a strange love that should be studied, lol.”

The “Bruk off yuh back” hitmaker went on to emphasize the unique connection he feels with East Africa, pointing out that the love remains unwavering even during periods when he is not actively releasing new music. He described the phenomenon as a “strange love” that has captivated him.

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Jamaican artist Konshens entertains fans during in Nairobi on New Year’s eve. PHOTO: COURTESYKonshens acknowledged the vibrant music scene in Africa, affirming that the continent is currently experiencing a significant boom. He specifically highlighted East Africa as a vital part of this musical explosion.

Expressing his surprise and gratitude, Konshens also revealed that the United Kingdom holds a special place in his heart. Despite not actively promoting his work or holding numerous shows in the UK, he noted that the fans there consistently shower him with love.

“No promo and hardly any shows but they show me mad love always. Bruk off yuh back is certified there. I will pull up soon over there and turn up the ground,” Konshens stated.

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In a reflection on the global music industry, the Jamaican artist urged fellow musicians and fans not to overlook the immense support they receive from regions outside of the United States. He emphasised that sometimes the most genuine and profound love comes from unexpected corners of the world.

“In the West, we get so focused on America that we neglect the rest of the world sometimes, and that’s often where the real love is,” Konshens concluded, expressing his gratitude for the international fanbase that continues to embrace his music.

In a separate Instagram post, Konshens shared a touching encounter with a dedicated fan in Nairobi. The fan had tattooed Konshens’ name on her chest, a gesture that deeply moved the artist. In the post, Konshens expressed gratitude for the fan’s pure and sincere demonstration of love.

“I’ve seen my name on fans, my lyrics, I’ve heard stories of what my music did or meant to people, I’ve had people come up to me and say I changed their lives and their family’s lives by doing some simple thing that I didn’t think twice about. Things that I won’t even remember and it is the most gratifying feeling in this job. I do not deserve my fans. Love you all so much and you all did so much for me and mine. Thank you all,” Konshens wrote.

Konshens, a dancehall fireworks concert

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Reflecting on the impact of his music on fans, Konshens acknowledged the profound connection he shares with his audience. He recounted instances where fans expressed how his music had changed their lives, underscoring the gratifying feeling that comes with making a positive impact.

In a recent remix collaboration with Kenyan rapper Boutross Munene on the song ‘Angela,’ Konshens playfully referred to himself as “Konshens AKA Otieno,” embracing the moniker given to him by Kenyan fans.

The artist has become a familiar face in Kenya, and his frequent visits to the country further solidify the bond with his East African fanbase.