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Kenyans heap rare praise on DP Ruto after public apology

Kenyans have accepted a public apology issued by Deputy President William Ruto via social media.

Mr Ruto offered the apology saying he was following in the footsteps of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr Kenyatta shocked Kenyans when he offered the rare apology during his state of the nation address in parliament on Wednesday.

“If there was anything I said last year that hurt or wounded you, if I damaged the unity of this country in any way, I ask you to forgive me, and to join me in repairing that harm,” said the President.

Most Kenyans have in the past said nothing positive while reacting to DP Ruto’s tweets. But things were different this time.

Patrick O. Kokonya‏ said: “National Reconciliation is not a Choice, It’s a Responsibility of All. God Bless Kenya and her People.”


Alibash Mohamed wondered: “Apology accepted. Would you now look for @Wetangulam to shake his hand and apologize for mocking and laughing at him after he was beaten by his wife?”

Dancun YOGOH‏ said: “You only do it after the president has done it. That means it didn’t come from your heart.”

Abdikadir Aden added: “Thank you Your Excellency. This sets the right tone for our country’s future. Hongera.”

Sammy Chirchir noted‏: “I have forgiven you your excellency, but please don’t offend me again.”

Sir Harry Okwako said: “Exactly sir well Confessed and said sir, thank for showing true spirit of leadership, caring, and sincere love to all of us Kenyans, Thanx.”

Sammy Muraya quipped‏: “That’s a great move of unsurpassed patriotism, and nationalism, You’re are an iconic Statesman Your excellency, now deal with the issue of huge NO. of unemployed youths, or we shall be forced to be THUGS and CRIMINALS despite being graduates with significant degrees’ Titles.”