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Kenyans’ hilarious reactions to Daddy Owen’s quest for a kienyeji wife

By Winnie Mabel November 3rd, 2022 2 min read

Over this past weekend, 40-year-old Kenyan gospel singer Daddy Owen revealed that he was under pressure to marry again.

He revealed that his mother was bothered by his walking alone around his home and even told him to hire someone if the worst came to the worst.

Daddy Owen also expressed hope that he should have finished having children by his age but knew it wasn’t a sole judgment, and he needed a partner to make that decision with.

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At this point, he described the kind of woman he was looking to marry after his first marriage failed.

Here are the top 4 bare minimum requirements if you want to be wifed-up by Daddy Owen, as in Papa Folo himself.

  1. Be a serious woman to date and marry
  2. Dark-skinned woman
  3. Very prayerful
  4. Be from the village.

Daddy Owen stressed, “It’s the reason why I’m always frequently visiting and running projects in the village. I want to get a woman from there. I do not want to date someone who is born in the town.”

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His list of requirements for his next kienyeji wife (simple, village girl) was met with varying reactions from Kenyans as can be seen in the comments sampled by Nairobi News below:

“After eating town girls?” posed Jim Bonnie to which Daddy Owen responded, asking Kenyans why they had to be like this.

“Unaenda village gani,” asked Jescah Jessy123.

“Hutaki GMO tena?” asked Felio Webb amid laughter.

“Ni muhimu, especially now baridi imeingia,” added Instagram influencer Amber Ray.

“Wacha iwake nani!,” added Jalangoo.

“In short, kama angekuwa mboga ni saga? Asked Kenzo Matata.

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“Hata nilikuwa naenda ushago kesho…utatupata huko tu bado,” added Sheryl Gabriella.

“Sisi tumeoza ndio tumebako nanii. Kwanza nilikuwa matanga nimekuja juzi kutoka ushago so bado nanuka moshi,” added Nyaboke Moraa.

“Akijua kuoga, kung’ara, ajuwe vile mission accomplished utarudi tu hapa kutueleza vile kulienda. Tafuta bibi mwenye hofu ya Mungu, mke mwenye upendo, uaminifu na heshima. Lakini wa village ndio wameharibika kama hujui nimeenda,” laughed Jushipendi as she advised Owen.

“Boss, si uchukwe yule ex wa Stevo Simpleboy?” asked Charls Charlie to which Daddy Owen responded by saying he did not want to date or marry famous people.

“Kienyeji akichanuka ni mbaya kuliko anything…tafuta mtu amepigwa matukio proper ata settle,” warned Judy Judz.

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